New blog

September 15, 2010

Guess what? I have a new blog.

Check it out and leave some love.


bike love.

September 10, 2010

Today is the perfect day for a bike ride through campus. Instead, I am locked in my room working on lesson plans. Maybe tomorrow!

Have a lovely weekend, sweethearts.


a beautiful truth

September 9, 2010

The day you read this

by iwrotethisforyou

On this day, you read something that moved you and made you realize there were no more fears to fear. No tears to cry. No head to hang in shame. That every time you thought you’d offended someone, it was all just in your head and really, they love you with all their heart and nothing will ever change that. That everyone and everything lives on inside you. That that doesn’t make any of it any less real.

That soft touches will change you and stay with you longer than cold ones.

That being alone means you’re free. That old lovers miss you and new lovers want you and the one you’re with is the one you’re meant to be with. That the tingles running down your arms are angel feathers and they whisper in your ear, constantly, if you choose to hear them. That everything you want to happen, will happen, if you decide you want it enough. That every time you think a sad thought, you can think a happy one instead.

That you control that completely.

That the people who make you laugh are more beautiful than beautiful people. That you laugh more than you cry. That crying is good for you. That the people you hate wish you would stop and you do too.

That your friends are reflections of the best parts of you. That you are more than the sum total of the things you know and how you react to them. That dancing is sometimes more important than listening to the music.

That the most embarrassing, awkward moments of your life are only remembered by you and no one else. That no one judges you when you walk into a room and all they really want to know, is if you’re judging them. That what you make and what you do with your time is more important than you’ll ever fathom and should be treated as such. That the difference between a job and art is passion. That neither defines who you are. That talking to strangers is how you make friends.

That bad days end but a smile can go around the world. That life contradicts itself, constantly. That’s why it’s worth living.

That the difference between pain and love is time. That love is only as real as you want it to be. That if you feel good, you look good but it doesn’t always work the other way around.

That the sun will rise each day and it’s up to you each day if you match it. That nothing matters up until this point. That what you decide now, in this moment, will change the future. Forever. That rain is beautiful.

And so are you.

Mrs. McDermott

August 9, 2010

My sister’s July wedding was so perfect and beautiful I thought I would share some of her pictures. John Webb of A day in the life photography did an amazing job. Her wedding was in the church we grew up in and the reception was at an Atlanta Marriott hotel.

The First United Methodist Church in Marietta, Ga.

(The bridal party all wore pearl bracelets made by me!)

This picture of the groom was taken in the children’s library where the boys got dressed. I love the little blue “reading” tub!

Wasn’t Katie beautiful? I have to say, it was a lot of work planning a wedding, but so much fun.

See the slideshow I made for them here.

Daytona Beach trip.

July 30, 2010

Last week, Lamar and I spent a weekend at Daytona Beach, Florida with some friends. The weather was beautiful and perfect. I could not have asked for more. I’d love to share a few photos, if you would like to see. We went to my all-time favorite restaurant Aunt Catfish’s

We ate yummy homemade ice cream at a cute little shop called Cow Licks…

…we loved that cow.

Then we went over to the boardwalk one night  for fireworks and to ride the ferris wheel. We loved the ferris wheel so much we rode it twice!  There is something about a ferris wheel ride that make me so giddy happy.

The next day, we went to the Ponce de Leon inlet lighthouse–one of the tallest lighthouses in the nation.

So what did we do?  We climbed to the top!

When we weren’t eating, riding ferris wheels or climbing lighthouses we were layin’ on the beach. It was mine and Lamar’s first trip to the beach together and it was wonderful. Looking forward to going back. (:



July 30, 2010

I have never found a planner that has everything I wanted and needed…until now.

I’m going to go ahead and admit that I am one of those crazy planning people who must write down every appointment, birthday, event or I will forget.  I am lost without my planner. That being said, I had to search high and low for a planner that had all the works: large spaces to write for each day, blank pages to jot notes, tabs (those tiny flaps that are oh, so under appreciated..until you have a planner that doesn’t have them), cuteness and last? Little animal stickers, of course. (:

My good friend, Mary Hannah, introduced me to Lilly Pulitzer planners. And…I met my match.

Oh, and every month has its own theme and tongue-twister. Fun!


Doesn’t it look magical?



July 12, 2010

Hello loves! For a while I have wanted to try this new baked macaroni recipe, so last night I made it for my boyfriend. It is the best recipe and was so delicious. I think I really impressed Lamar. 🙂 Thank you Giada De Laurentiis!

Here is a picture of it, however it is not very pretty. I promise it tastes good!


Happy baking!

Sunday photo

June 13, 2010

hope you had a good weekend, friends…type to you later!


June 11, 2010

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche